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The menus in this section allow you to select a Kata that you wish to study and to download a diagram of it to your computer for printout. Either Click or Right click (using the right-hand button on your mouse) on the diagram to download it. Your instructor will advise you as to which Kata you should be studying for your grading. If you are unsure about it please ask us for advice.

These sheets are A4 format (210mm x 297mm) They should easily print up on regular sized printer paper without any need to enlarge or reduce.

If you are new to Shotokan Karate, your first Kata will be 'Kihon'. For a general overview of Katas look for the entry 'Explain Kumite & Kata' under | Q&A | or click here.

A kata is basically a set of attack/defense techniques organised into a structure. Katas lie at the core of shotokan practice and should be given special attention. You may also be able to view the Kata being performed in the Video section. Check here.

Shotokan Karate Kata collectively contain all the techniques that you will be using. They are an excellent way to develop and maintain physical fitness - especially in relation to flexibility, speed of response, timing and use of space.

It is important to practice your Kata as much as possible to develop a deeper undertanding of Shotokan Karate.