Starting Karate for Adults

Starting Karate Course for Adults - Ages 16+

Course Summary

Training Times: Tuesday and Thursday 7.30 – 8.15pm

Location Weekdays: Lee United Reform Church, 111-113 Burnt Ash Road, Lee, SE12 8RA

Fee: £8.00 per class for members, £10.00 for non-members 

Attendance: Both classes for 4 weeks.Suitable clothing:Sweat/T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms/shorts. No jewellery/watches please. No footwear

Notes: Begins on first Tuesday/Thursday of every month.Glasses may be worn during training.Long hair is best tied back.


Course Details

Adult Beginners courses start on the first Tuesday/Thursday of each month. This course is designed to prepare the novice for training in Shotokan Karate. Tuesday and Thursday training is in the rear hall of Lee United Reform Church.During the course, you will learn basic concepts such as how to make a fist, how to stand correctly, perform a turn and so forth. At the end there is a short test to confirm that the techniques have been understood. Students receive a certificate and a welcome pack containing information about joining as an LSKC member. At this point the novice will 'graduate' and begin training as a graded student of the LSKC. For information about training at LSKC as a beginner click here: Beginners

When you start training as a graded student you will do so as a white belt in the 'graduate section' of the club. Your class will consist of white, orange and red belts only and concentrates on the elementary aspects of Shotokan Karate. See JUNIOR GRADES White/Orange/Red for information on training schedules.  

If you have questions please feel free to send us an e-mail.