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Services Provided - We offer on-line Karate training for members of Lewisham Shotokan Karate Centre. Please note that your membership fee must be paid separately (please contact Sensei Roy Tomlin regarding this). The training can be purchased for a daily session on any of the scheduled classes that are listed on the training page of the website. If you wish to train for all 5 classes in a week, you must purchase 5 daily sessions.

Prices and Payment - The prices for a training session are given on the Shop page of the website and are inclusive of all taxes. No extra costs for joining online will be incurred.

Shipping and Delivery - As we offer on-line classes only at present, shipping is not relevant. The classes purchased will be delivered at the scheduled times shown on the Training page of the website. There might be times when Sensei Roy Tomlin may be unavailable to teach, in these cases one of the other club qualified instructors will teach the class. If a class is cancelled, the paid for lesson can be used for the next available class or refunded if needed. All members will be notified if a class needs to be cancelled or delayed.

Returns, Refunds and Complaints - If a student is unable to attend a paid for class, they can use the payment for another suitable class. If this is not possible a refund can be made on agreement with Sensei Roy. You have the right for a refund within 14 days of purchase as long as you have not attended a class. Any complaints should be made directly to Sensei Roy via the contact details on the Contact Us page of the website. Complaints about a class should be made within 14 days of attending the class.

Limitation of Liability - This is set out in the terms and conditions of club membership that you will have agreed to before starting to train with the club. Please also refer to the Virtual Training page of the website to be mindful of training safely and the need for minors to get the permission of their parents or guardians. The club will not be responsible for any indirect damages that occur.

Intellectual Property Rights - The training class remains the property of the club and must not be recorded or broadcast in any fashion without the explicit approval of Sensei Roy Tomlin.

Future Changes - Please note that the rapidly changing environment due to the Covid19 pandemic may mean that changes to the classes may need to be made. We will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible about these via email and will try and ensure you have at least a week's notice.

Governing Law - These terms and conditions are all governed by English law.