Testimonials about Lewisham Shotokan Karate Centre

I have trained with Sensei Roy since 1981 and have the greatest respect both for his teachings and him as a man. I would have no hesitation in recommending his classes for your children.  

Maria Mia McDonnell-Staff

Sensei Roy is a fantastic teacher, who succesfully combines discipline, hard work and fun. Kids love being taught here as he always makes allowances for them being children.  

Dinesh Thanigasalam

A real blast from the past, sensei is without doubt one of the best instructors, some of my happest memories were training in Lewisham under sensei...  

Darren J Kemp

A year ago I started my karate journey, when I enrolled my 5 year old son. In order to be able to teach him at home and practise I saw no other way but to enrol myself. From the very first lesson to now I have to say that being taught by Sensei Roy as well as Sensei Rose, Sensei Sandra and Sensei Chris, to name but few has been an absolute pleasure. After a busy day at work karate is my sanctuary where all I have to do is listen to Sensei's voice and follow his/her instructions. The beauty is just when I think I learned something I realise that I know nothing but I keep trying my best and not to think too much :-) Now my husband and my 5 year old daughter have joined as well so I can truly say that we are a family of karate wannabe masters :-) Thank you all!!!  

Natasa Glusac

Sensei Roy is an experienced, authentic and personable teacher. His genuine care for his students is only matched by his dedication to the art of Shotokan. A genuine rokudan, who Debbie, myself and my students were lucky to be guided by.  

Michael Harris

Roy is a great Instructor and genuine person. Many can have the knowledge but how to put it across to people from different walks of life and background that's a gift.  

Susan Cecoro

Highly qualified, passionate and extremely competent Sensei; warm and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended!  

Nolwenn Robin Lefeuvre

You would be hard pushed to find a more knowledgable Sensei than Roy who is still teaching 5 days a week in London.This man has done it all Kumite and Kata at world level!For me personally he has got me fit again after 40 months hard training in his dojos- and who knows I may even get to Shodan next year..............................

Henry Jacques

Nearly finished the beginners' course and have found Sensei Roy to be humble, patient, great teacher, approachable, accepting and instills a great amount of wisdom with due impeccable time and all-round great friendly, down-to-earth attitude. I have my test/kata next week and although I have found it tough, frustrating and very hard at times: I haven't given up and hopefully I pass then want to start 'officially' a white belt and then dedicate myself to JKA further and continue what has been an amazing journey thus far.(I did another form of karate for 6 six years in my early adolescence and was one belt before brown belt - but that was 20 years ago, lol! And have been meaning to start some form of ma and/or fighting style as am obsessed/highly interested with MMA/UFC and most of the arts so it was only a matter of time before I actually began...).And the other students and parents are very warm and welcoming and the atmosphere is great and that's very important for me.Sorry that wasn't concise enough but got there in the end. *Bows* :)

Sean Manson