What you need to know...

Training vocabulary

During your training as beginner everything will be explained to you in a straight-forward, easy-to-understand manner. As you progress  there are quite a few japanese words that you'll begin to hear that are instructions as to what to do. Other miscellaneous words and phrases are used to describe certain things. It is a good idea to get used to these word as phrases as quickly as possible. In time they will allow you to instantly grasp what your instructor is asking of you without the need for explanation.

General Terms

Kihon: Basic(s)
Ki-ai: Spirit focus/a focusing yell
Kime: Decision/ focus
Rei: Bow
Yoh-i: Get ready"
Yame: Stop
Yasume: Rest, Relax
Maware/Mawatte: Turn
Hajime: Begin
Mokusoh: Quiet meditation
Dojo [doh-joh]: The place where you train
Dojo kun: Dojo precepts
Seiza: Proper sitting/ kneeling
Sensei: Principle class instructor/Master/Teacher
Sempai: Senior student
Gi (gee - pronounc. like 'Me'): White training uniform