Martial Arts for Children in Lewisham

The Martial Art of Karate

If you want your children to learn martial arts in Lewisham, there is no better discipline than Shotokan Karate. If taught by an expert who is patient, kind and takes into account the child's abilities, age and temperament, it can be hugely rewarding for them. They not only get fit, better coordinated and the ability to look after themselves, they gain discipline and confidence. This can help them not only at school, but through the rest of their lives.

Lewisham Shotokan Karate Centre is an ideal place to learn Karate. The head instructor is a local Lewisham man Sensei Roy Tomlin MBE. He has been teaching kids Karate for over 30 years and is one of the most senior instructors in the UK and Europe. He has competed for his country, won numerous medals and has taught countless students through the years, including children who have gone on to represent England in international competitions.

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