Malta Gashuku 2017

Malta Gashuku 2017 - The fourth day

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The final day was thankfully a late start.  After breakfast we all headed back to the dojo. This was kata day. The training started with Sensei Roy focusing on basics. We practised a drill involving oi-zuki (stepping punch), shuto-uke (knife hand block) and gedan-barai (down block). This was followed by practising turning.  As basics training is often the most exhausting, we welcomed the break. Sensei Larsen then took us through three basic katas Kion, Heian Sandan and Heian Godan. We finished off with the brown belt kata Empi.

This time the 3rd Dan Sensei Etienne bore the brunt of bunkai demonstration with Sensei Larsen. The various blocks, punches and other techniques were carried out with ruthless speed on Etienne. Taking his legs away at his knee as he attacked was my favourite. I am not sure Etienne appreciated it in quite the same way. The session ended with group photos.

After relaxing at the hotel we went in various groups for dinner. The Maltese seafood was excellent as usual at our harbour side restaurant. The conversation meandered from various moral issues to the expectations of students training for Karate. One of the more excitable members of our group suggested breaking the legs of people who didn't train hard enough as a means of motivation. This was quickly disregarded as perhaps being a bit harsh and counterproductive.


The evening was rounded off at the hotel garden, the anecdotes coming thick and fast. We finally found out what makes Sensei Larsen scared. As the time grew late, we retired to our beds, mourning our last day in Malta. Tomorrow we will be returning back to the cloud, cold and rain.